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My Background

I started my own business at age sixteen.   I owned and managed my own landscape contracting  company while also working for UPS part time and attending college.  Upon completing my Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Texas at San Antonio in December of ’97, I continued to build my traditional business and also ventured into the unique and challenging industry of network marketing and direct sales.  


Over the next 20 years, my skills and efforts focused on motivating, training, inspiring and growing a diverse team and organization.  I became one of the top 25 income earners, world-wide, with a billion dollar company.  My rare success in this industry taught me many lessons and provided me remarkable insight and perspective.  The ability to obtain such success on a part-time basis allowed me to pursue other areas of interest such as: contracting, real estate investing, organizational growth, personal growth training and public speaking.

I have learned through my own personal experiences, growth, study, and the best teacher of all, the school of hard knocks!   I believe the experiences from my various endeavors give me a unique edge and perspective in approaching any situation or problem.


I currently live in San Antonio with my wife Shanna, of over 21 years, and my two children Will and Ava.  Family is one of the most important things to me, and I am heavily involved in my kids lives and activities.  Just about every Friday night, you will find me at our "pizza party in the living room"  a long standing tradition since our kids were little!


My passion is helping organizations and individuals achieve their best life by personal mentorship towards financial freedom and building wealth. 



My life is one that when people come in contact with me their life is better, enhanced in some way just because I was a part of it...Whether through the gospel, financial fitness, better health or whatever way God allows. 

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